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Upright  Cabinets

Introducing The Brand New V27

Introducing the all-new 27" Cat C, now boasting enhanced power slot games designed to captivate players like never before. With the latest note recycler ensuring heightened reliability, it stands out as the prime choice for operators seeking top-notch performance. Experience gaming like never before with the addition of new Hi-Res graphics, elevating player appeal and delivering a visually stunning gaming journey. The introduction of new gamble features brings heightened interaction and excitement to the forefront, enriching the player experience. But that's not all – we're thrilled to unveil two new roulette games featuring the Amatic Go for Gold feature, adding even more variety and winning opportunities. Priced strategically to ensure maximum return on investment for operators, the 27" Cat C is an indispensable addition to any gaming establishment. 



The CXs30 cabinet comes in twin and triple-screen formats and impresses with its consistent lines and is the "eye-catcher" for every casino and every arcade. As an upright device and due to the stunning look of the housing it ensures ergonomic play with exciting, profitable games. It has a cutting edge sound system, LED lighting on the entire gaming machine, outstanding clear and player friendly design and the components to fit individual needs for example, TITO (ticket in, ticket out) coin and bill validator and hopper. Housed in a robust metal cabinet, the CX30 boasts latest technology with full HD wide-screen 27” monitors. Based on the Amatic Hardrox platform, the CX30 really delivers!

AMAROX C24 Twin Screen

Introducing a new addition to the AMATIC cabinet lineup: the Amarox C24. Inspired by the sleek curvature of the successful Performer Grand Arc, the C24 brings a new level of sophistication to any gaming floor. Standing tall as an upright machine, its commanding presence attracts players with its impressive cabinet height.



As players increasingly seek deeper immersion in their gaming experiences, they're spending more time enjoying the diverse and entertaining game formats now on offer. In response, AMATIC, a front-runner in gaming product development, has introduced the 27″ slant top cabinet. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cabinet embodies AMATIC's commitment to excellence.

True to the AMATIC standard, these machines incorporate a comprehensive array of features, options, and, most notably, the award-winning games that players have come to expect ....

AMAROX C24 Triple Screen With Jackpot

The introduction of the Amarox C24 triple screen with jackpot represents a significant advancement in gaming immersion and enjoyment. As players increasingly crave deeper engagement and extended gaming sessions, innovative solutions like the Amarox C24 address these evolving needs head-on. AMATIC's status as a market leader in gaming product development is reaffirmed by the design and implementation of the Amarox C24 triple screen with jackpot. This gaming terminal offers players a heightened level of immersion through its triple-screen setup, allowing for more dynamic visuals, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a truly captivating gaming experience. Moreover, the inclusion of a jackpot feature adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation, further enticing players to immerse themselves in the gaming experience for extended periods. By combining state-of-the-art technology with engaging gameplay features, AMATIC has once again demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation.

AMATIC C24 Tripple Screen

New Stand Alone Jackpot

Players are increasingly seeking a greater immersion in their gaming experiences. This means longer time spent enjoying the increasingly entertaining game formats now available. To this end Amatic, as befits a market leader in gaming product development, have designed and built the Amarox twin screen.

Stand Alone Jackpot


New 8 Player Curved Roulette

Experience the pinnacle of gaming with our cutting-edge electronic roulette system, designed to accommodate up to 8 players simultaneously. Setting a new industry standard, this innovative solution was honored as the winner at the esteemed ICE Show 2024, reaffirming its status as the go-to choice for live roulette enthusiasts seeking immersive and thrilling gameplay.

Integrating AMATIC HX technology cabinets such as AMAROX, Grand Arc, and CXS30 adds an exciting dimension to the gaming experience. Now, players can seamlessly transition from ...

AMATIC New 8 Player Roulette
AMATIC 22" Roulette

The 22" Roulette 8 Player

The AMATIC Multi-player roulettes comprises of 8 stations incorporating 22″ high definition touch screens. Whilst retaining the original foot print, players can feel a greater sense of freedom. Dual betting formats, incorporating the traditional roulette layout, and the Race Bet format give players more choice. Options for credit and payout are numerous. From the latest TITO options to traditional coin/note in, hopper/printer out. Satellites can also be added to increase players numbers.

Roulette – AMATIC Industries GmbH

Players are increasingly seeking a greater immersion in their gaming experiences. This means longer time spent enjoying the increasingly entertaining game formats now available.

AMATIC Roulette
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