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New AMATIC 8 Player Roulette

green roulette
Roulette Front
Green roulette side
green roulette top

Experience the pinnacle of gaming with our cutting-edge electronic roulette system, designed to accommodate up to 8 players simultaneously. Setting a new industry standard, this innovative solution was honored as the winner at the esteemed ICE Show 2024, reaffirming its status as the go-to choice for live roulette enthusiasts seeking immersive and thrilling gameplay.

Integrating AMATIC HX technology cabinets such as AMAROX, Grand Arc, and CXS30 adds an exciting dimension to the gaming experience. Now, players can seamlessly transition from their favorite cabinets to enjoy the excitement of our new roulette game. This seamless integration underlines the value of having a prominent AMATIC presence on your gaming floor, ensuring unparalleled entertainment and satisfaction for players. Elevate your gaming floor with Amatic and transform every visit into an unforgettable gaming adventure!

Curved Roulette
Blue Roulette
Roulette wheel
For more information about this product or any other queries please contact us, or call Genesis Games on +44 1494 773030
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